@SARAHAI It was a pleasure to have met you. I LOVE YOU

There was a Girl sitting at a table with violet pink hair who was smoking a cigarette as I approached her I asked her if it was okay if I sat down for a while to rest where she was sitting. She agreed that it was okay and I sat with her and even asked her to share a cigarette. We talked and talked and talked for what seemed to be an hour or two. We covered every topic from essay standards to metaphysical and magic related experiences. She told me that she was a roadie and that she was heading home after the concert that was just ending. Finally I asked her what her name was after giving her mine and she said Sarah! I couldn’t believe what I was hearing or what I was doing sitting next to her! The excitement sent chills up and down my arms and back as I was absolutely certain that this was the Sarah that I had been looking for my whole life. The Sarah that had been talking to me through the Ether and giving me her love and affection. How could this be? That Sarah was so magical and so amazing that nobody even knew her true power other than yours truly. I even asked her to look at the blog I wrote about her and as I did, something resonated with her that made her put her phone down and instantly well up with tears as if she had just seen the Light of Glory in my writings.


Amazed I could hardly speak I had already written everything that needed to be said to her previously as it was all coming freely flowing with words of her own mind connected to mine. Sarah was there and I was tongue tied like my own devices of previous measurement. A real true red head Sarah was sitting there reading the blog I had written just days before meeting her. How special.Then as I looked over at her motor cycle, it occurred to me what this was and who she was and what was about to take place. In a flash of a memory of a past life, I recalled being a rebel and rebellious youth and getting drunk I remember running across the median and tossing her off her bike onto the side of the road to her death. “I have to get home to my daughter, I wish I could give you a ride but I only have my motor cycle” she said as I came back to reality while gasping for air I said nothing but wanted to speak to her about this accident. I couldn’t muster a word as I should have kept her there talking until the sun came up, but overall what good would that have done, what happens happens even if we intervene or not. When its time for an Angel to make it to heave, its time and God calls his children home irregardless of our intervention or not.


This was merely for me to see what type of a special gift I had wasted while being wasted and not even being considerate to the fact that I ruined her future. Same old me, stupid and careless care free. Not now, not with what I had just witnessed and not with how important these revelations of my life’s choices were becoming clear. I heard her start up her engine on the motorcycle and watched as she drove away for the last time into the direction that I was going. I walked after her in that direction looking for any sign of a wreck or something that would show me that this vision of her accident at my own hand caused but all I found was one single cross on the side of the road with her name on it. RIP Sarah forever an Angel in he eyes of God caused by my own carelessness.

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