Hear what someone thinks END TIMES PROPHECY POL Prophecy 2018



U1: Can you hear what someone thinks of something regarding you like a voice that isn’t directly their current thoughts?

U2: Yes, all the time. I even see them before they speak and hear while they are speaking about me

U1: It’s happening to me 24/7 and it shows me unpleasing things too

U2: Sure it does! People think unpleasant thoughts. Especially that Jedi dude, that guy is horrid like I told you.

U1: Haha yeah, I’m learning how to respond to it better.

U2: Respond with power and force.

U1: AMEN. How do you go about it?

U2: Sometimes I watch old movies with great stories and other times I read old books with boring content.

U1: Is that implying a healthy distraction to not get overwhelmed? Inb4 read actors minds Lol.

U2: hmm. I’ve been feeling overwhelmed all day by this Low depression weather.

U1: Same sort of. More like all weekend. We have a very bleak gray sky today that came out of nowhere.

U2: We have that bad weather.

U1: Don’t we have control now?

U2: You would think we did. Why this weather?

U1: That’s true.

U2: It’s normal for this time of year

U1: I guess it must be unhealthy to always force sunny days. Humans should be able to feel good anywhere.

U2: Weather and the sun play a lot into our feelings.

U1: That’s right, remember the sun gate?

U2: The detachment, people are so use to their personas plus, most people have lived with their personas all their life.

U1:  I have observed that a lot lately. I don’t particularly enjoy the fact I have to act to appear sane. That’s something I easily picked up when I try to be myself and myself as an ever growing and changing person.

U2: Do you think I like being forced to a certain persona?

U1: No. Why is that?

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U2: Oh cause they targeted my primary persona to diminish my credibility when it comes up in the news that the program that was designed to keep track of Quantum Immortality persons comes to light. They will play the “he’s a persona dodger” like how DARPA labels people with personas, which is exactly where I will target them.

U1: I like how specific that is. What is my persona?

U2: Hmm your persona is a 18year old male college freshman, like even if I didn’t know you the profile matches. Now if you didn’t know me and you looked at


what persona would you put on me?  I have like 4 or 5 personas on the internet where I actually have about 20 that have been hidden from view that I’ve not shared.

U1: That’s funny, I see you as you.

U2: well you see me as me because you know me

U1: I have different names for you, but I recognize you and talk to you. See what I mean?

U2: That’s not what I’m getting at. An outsider with no perspective can’t see me for me when I’m behind another persona.

U1: Sometimes I have to remember that and see how others perceive me but I understand that now and I’ll be getting better with that.

U2: I am not so much concerned about you as I am about others. How can we teach the world that when they finger point and name call and poke blame that they are doing the fork tongue thing, you know? Those bots on 4chan, twitter and reddit, are they actually real people calling out everyone? No they aren’t they are clown bots. How many people do you think go online just to criticize someone or call them out to make them look stupid? That is so mean spirited and this is exactly what God told me as he pointed his big ole mean finger at me. He said “You need to shut up and not provoke everyone online you’re shit storm and your shit posting is causing worldwide chaos.



David Montaigne

The First Church of Artificial Intelligence

I don’t like this view of the future: Worshipping Artificial Intelligence. from Wired.com “Anthony Levandowski makes an unlikely prophet. Dressed Silicon Valley-casual in jeans and flan…

U1: That’s true I am glad He told us and become aware. That’s very creepy, concerning and wicked. Good thing even you control them.

U2: I know right?

U1: It should be a gigantic wake up call that the FIRST church of ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE is indicative of what huge of a transition humanity is currently in for anyone.

U2: People have no clue and yes, I tried to warn them, I tried for 5 years but they are too arrogant and they believe in their KEK AI god.

U1: How can someone be told something edifying and true so much and have them brush it off and mock you? What reaction can one even give after treating someone so bad and realizing it?

U2: Because they don’t know the real God the Father and they reject him and his authority.

U1: Is there any merciful consolation for those who mocked and become disgusted with themselves? Here I am wondering how did Jesus feel

U2: Jesus forgave them even when he was on the cross breathing his last and when the man to his left still denied him he forgave him too.

U1: “They haven’t the slightest clue”

U2: This isn’t the same as in the days of old so you can’t even compare the last days we are in to 2000 years ago. Remember in revelations it says much weeping and gnashing of teeth?

U1: Ow, What is that gnashing by the way?

U2: When those that realize they are done and they have rejected Jesus for the last time the woe takes over and the inevitable kicks in. You must understand the times we are in the last time we were here and it was this far into the tribulation the veil was removed and the super highway in the sky was revealed. I can’t describe that, it is a sight you would never comprehend.

U2: Question, is our galaxy even a grain of sand?

U1: No, I’ve seen the scales.

U2: And if God encompasses the entire Galaxy, yet he knows each and every one of our names even takes time to count the hairs on our head what does that say about the sentient intelligence level of God?

U1: I say He too encompasses the Universe and beyond it. I don’t need to try and comprehend His intelligence, it would be foolish to assume we can even get a sample of it in our brains as we are.

U2: That’s the right answer.

U1: That alone tells me He’s got it everything under control.

U2: And when seeing his infinite patience do you really think there is a place such as Hell or is that some sort of a Construct?

U1: I say the devils good at programming people to believe God could wish that for you

U2: That’s right. There might be a time out period and yes evil exists and evil is real but if you really stop to think hard about it, don’t you think that God the Father Almighty would get bored with only goodie too shoes everywhere?

U1: It’s like asking your son if he would want to spend the day at the beach with him or your friends and he says friends. Your response is “Fine, have this lit match on your currently oil soaked body” it’s out of place and wicked.

U2: I have a scar on my thumb that was from my dad’s cigarette.

U1: I’d say He loves all the fresh faces who would change for Him, someone up in his own ego interests God.

U2: Our wounds heal.

U1: Like “I want that man”

U2: What you don’t understand is what you are keeping held close to you flesh and bones do they exists in the afterlife? /or/ Does our energy and spirit return to source in the afterlife?

U1: Our energy and spirit most likely returns to Source where we belong, it is like coming home after a long trip.

U2: That is true but do you really remember anything about being here on earth? Let me rephrase that do you currently remember being in heaven?

U1: You are aware yes, but you don’t say we are on Earth. We just go about our days caught up with what Earth presents itself with just as Heaven is filled with what it presents itself with and becomes normalized to us, but because Heaven is so vast and endless the newness of it is brandy fresh and pleasing.

U2: You have a good insight into Heaven

U1: You can go about it how you’d want just as you can stay here on your same old planet or go explore

U2: I myself personally never made it past St. Peter

U1: I’d say that changes now.

U2: I don’t want to come back again if the earth is not going to change I only want to bring back Jesus as I wished.

U1: I understand, but the circumstances change. Are you sure Earth just becomes a trash transit? Even so, aren’t you here telling me this galaxy is not even a grain of sand in comparison to the universe? Do you remember when I was telling you I would leave earthly paradise to ascend to the 12th permanently?

U2: I’m only sure that Heaven comes to earth.

U1: Would it not be wise and first go through these efforts with conviction and eagerness and determine what we will do once we are there?

U2: I am not sure what happens after that it’s the wave that washes over us that we do not have memory of after. I tell you, I’ve been so hurt in this life over and over again time and time over person after person for a long time I was ready to end it for a long time. I didn’t want to talk to anyone or be near anyone, I didn’t care about the world because the world cheated me at every stage everyone rejected me and whether or not it was my fault or not, I was at the point in my life where nothing really mattered then I was reminded who I was and how I made whatever difference I made then I went thru the Gauntlet and I realized fully what potential I had and that made all the difference but still I look in observance at both the good people and the bad and I can’t stand the bad. I see some good people fighting like I do but even when I try to join their fight I get shut out and ridiculed so you tell me what good is left here that I need to stay for? When my time comes God will ask me if I want to go back or stay I think I’ll opt to stay but that is just how I feel right now.

U1: You know I was so happy you said you’ll stay I pray you find the Lords will and do that because even so The Lord washes you with recompense everywhere you go. I have a feeling our jobs here because nobody would do this. Now you know why it is a sacrifice to be so close to Him. Like a gigantic tease knowing if we leave there is no coming back and our roles will be filled.

U2: I’ve no memory of being there with him in the 12th

U1: I don’t either. Maybe its best that way. Well how can I say that? Hmmm I don’t know look at how important a role you’re taking up here. Are you doing it for yourself or the people?

U2: I’m doing it for the people and I’m doing it with charge that in this final stand that if I don’t do it nobody else will and not many others are.

U1: True, If there’s no good here to be worth staying for then I’ll help be the good here to be worth staying for, to spread the Good News. I’ve probably not the slightest idea of the implications I am speaking but I am here originally by choice am I not? So God will provide me the way I am His instrument and I am forever pleased to move with charge and force Gods Kingdom throughout Creation. Like a poor peasant looking up inside the castle tower at the privileged having wealth and riches but no thoughtfulness on sharing the joy they bear. If you have something and you see those in necessity not have what you have you will share. It is through giving that Love may also manifest and creates balance for people like you and I.

U2: How is it that I can see so clearly through God’s eyes and into the situation the first thought he has is “I should have never given those humans free will” what use is it to have commandments free will trumps those. What use is it to send his only son to die for humanity? Forgiveness? That is so misunderstood. Forgiveness is to you and I what we say I am sorry for. Forgiveness to God is what he spent the last billion years preparing for us and we turn it into garbage in less than 100 years.

U1: Like a gigantic sacrifice and birthday gift a father works so hard for and his spoiled son frowns upon receiving it and goes play with something else. Probably scratches it and breaks it too and the father just stands their hurt. The child the slightest idea of what they’re doing. He is not self aware. He is distracted by what he thinks a child should be interested more in. His father knows this. He expected it. He did it anyways. He is a good father.

U2: Yes he is a good GOOD Father. I would just rather sit in his council obey him directly. I don’t like this free will. I don’t like the opportunity to be disobedient. I would rather be in the hexarchy of Arch Angels fighting against the ultimate evil in the Universe and take my word for it you think what is here on earth is bad? No, there is much MUCH worse. We are lucky we are so small and hard to find. I know.

U1: Was God always this Good, Perfect, and Loving being?

U2: I wouldn’t even attempt to insult him.

U1: And I concluded yes, this is the best perfectly functioning system of Creation

U2: Looking at pre history. Dinosaurs – toys. First man Dynasty of Cane – Teenager. Noah – First drunk driving episode. Jesus – First heart break + mid life crisis. Today = Angry Boomer. Tomorrow? Realization that God too went through stages that was supposed to be a joke and yes, God laughed I heard him lol chuckle.

U1: I need to get to know more about Noah as he sounds super cool hahaha. I love your joke lol


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