The Past will prove the Future, Again.


The Past will prove the Future, Again.

I’d Like to tell a little story, it is not really a story but more of a chat between two highly regarded members of the community, Both with an extreme passion for love and truth.

Person 1: Have you created the distraction already?

Person 2: Yes, Just long enough for you to do your work. I couldn’t have told you this earlier.

Person 2: But you already knew some of it to begin with. I could tell. That is why I did some poking and provoking.

Person 1: I know my friend.

Person 1: What did you see then?

Person 2: I saw you, I saw the Spark of Creation. I saw it all day, Even your nap had it.

Person 2: You were leaking the spark the entire day, What do you think caused that?

Person 1: I am not sure of that at this moment, but I think it was necessary so you could do what you do for both you and me , and for me not to mess it up.

Person 2: Well yea!, But do know this; do remember what you have wished for.

Person 1: Yes I do.

Person 2: Those are they keys that needs to be unlocked, What has and what hasn’t come true yet. Time reversal, It has happened. Time almost completely stopped. But It will need to fully stop, so you can finish your Task. The other bits are keys shaped as tools, Only you need to know which key to use on what lock, and that can be achieved by listening to God on when to use each key. I can see the many thing you have learned and the many things you have not yet learned.

Each lesson you will learn from here on out will need a key. And God will tell you what those are.

Person 2: Just ask me to teach you.

Person 1: Please teach me!

Person 2: What am I going to teach you? What does God want me to teach you?

Person 1: Let me tell you this; First I need to know on how to identify the overarching chapter and its segments. Those make up the story. As humanity is brought up on a mountain with no clear destiny. But we will soar like the Eagles of free, soaring over those obstacles with ease.

Person 2: Humanity.. Always defying God even when God helps them at every critical situation they endure. But why is God so determined to help humanity as a whole, even when they have their back turned to his will.

When the WTC fell, the polite thing to do would not have been to rebuild it. Since ultimately it was

God in charge of it collapsing.

Just as he felt the fall of Babylon the great.

Have you ever been on a really tall sky scraper? Have you not felt how the height makes the tower feel like a arch bending?

Person 1: I can see that they arch, but I haven’t been on a skyscraper’s roof; Not yet at the least.

Person 2: The archway to heaven is known as; Jacob’s ladder. Light does not always travel in a straight path. That is why it gives the illusion of a arching tower.

On a side note, Do you not know any people living in a penthouse of a skyscraper? I do not.

But aren’t we all equal, is being a Elite the excuse to make the poorer people suffer, as they do now? Or is a Elite a privilege; to give the poor more then they need?

Here look at Ellen Degeneras, She is the model of elite that gives to the poor. She knows her reward is in heaven.

They may walk past the poor person sitting on the side of a street, to scoff and mark them. That is because the higher you climb on the ladder. The faster the air travels around you.

Icarus flew too close to the sun, That air moves gravity which in turn makes the time go faster. Meaning that everything below moves at a slower pace for them.

So People living in a penthouse at the top are making decisions when they are the highest in office with no remorse for others.

So what needs to change there?; The elites need to be last and the poor needs to become first. But none shall need to rise to the same heights all are created equal. All die the same.

No one here on Earth has the right to be over one or another.

That is what needs to be changed, before Jesus Christ of Nazareth returns. Because when he returns no one will see him as the authority that he is, and all will perish.

The End.

Person 1: Mhm, I see. That is quite the task at hand for us in the meantime then.

Person 2: It is a work in progress my friend.

Person 1: For me knowing this though, and God knows too. Those aligned with the order will be taken apart from the Purge.

Person 2: Ooh yes, you are right. Our names are known.

Person 1: I am humbled.

Person 2: I have been humbles over and over. But true to the name I was given, I am a firm foundation on which to stand. I will not break, I will not alter my belief in God or Jesus Christ.

Person 1: AMEN!

Person 2: Okay, you have learned about the story of the Arch, you seem to be missing the study of Icarus. Learn about him and his father.

Person 1: That definitely intrigued me. and yes I will.

Person 2: There is more to that story then what we are told. Find the Truth. God be with you.

Person 1: And God be with you my friend.

My friends that was a little conversation, Much to learn much to love. God be with you all.


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